Smart Wound Monitoring Restorative Dressings

Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)
Call: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019

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Photonic crystals (PhC)

Multilayers of photonic crystals deposited onto glass substrates. The colours of PhCs are structural; they depend on the sizes of particles they are made of (left to right – particle diameters are 185nm, 220nm and 280nm). 

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Our mission

Develop a demonstrator for a new type of chronic wound dressing designed specifically for patient use that will combine innovative therapeutic and diagnostic features, so as to aid rapid recovery, ease patient concerns and reduce dependency on medical professionals.


Institute of Informatics
Slovak Academy of Sciences


Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry
Petru Poni


Grade Medical s.r.o.

Czech republic

Inocure s.r.o.

Czech republic

Institute of Physics of São Carlos
University of São Paulo


National Institute for Materials Science



Full project proposal



1. The Tuning of Chitosan’s Hydrophilicity by Changing the PEG Content Grafted on the Chitosan Backbone

2. Hydrogels Based on Imino-Chitosan Amphiphiles as a Matrix for Drug Delivery Systems

3. Double functionalization of chitosan based nanofibers towards biomaterials for wound healing


4. Quaternary ammonium salts of chitosan. A critical overview on the synthesis and properties generated by quaternization

Bianca-Iustina Andreica, Xinjian Cheng, Luminita Marin*, European Polymer Journal 2020, 139, 2020, 110016
DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2020.110016, PDF


5. Polyvinyl alcohol boric acid – A promising tool for the development of sustained release drug delivery systems

6. Water soluble PEGylated phenothiazines as valuable building blocks for bio-materials

7. New formulations based on salicyl-imine-chitosan hydrogels for prolonged drug release

8. A theoretical mathematical model for assessing diclofenac release from chitosan-based formulations


9. Citryl-imine-PEG-ylated chitosan hydrogels – Promising materials for drug delivery applications

Bianca-Iustina Andreica, Xinjian Cheng, Luminita Marin1*, European Polymer Journal 2020, 139, 2020, 110016 DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2020.110016, 

10. Imination of Microporous Chitosan Fibers—A Route to Biomaterials with “On Demand” Antimicrobial Activity and Biodegradation for Wound Dressings

11. Electrospinning of chitosan-based nanofibers: from design to prospective applications

12. Phenothiazine-chitosan based eco-adsorbents: A special design for mercury removal and fast naked eye detection